Teaching Philosophy and Experience

I believe that clarity, accessibility, inclusion, and empathy are central to creating an environment where students can gain the confidence to think critically and take intellectual risks.

I am especially excited to teach a future course on Gender, Politics, and Policy. The course would teach students to think critically about gender as an analytic construct that structures political experiences and opportunities in combination with race, ethnicity, class, sexual orientation, and other axes of inequality. Whereas the topics of gender and women are often equated, the course would also address men, masculinity, and LGBTQ+ issues. And while “women” are often implicitly imagined as white by default, the course would address the substantial diversity among women as it relates to US politics and policy.

I am also qualified and interested in teaching courses such as American Government, Law and Politics, Race and Ethnic Politics, Congress, Public Policy, Public Opinion, Political Psychology, Political Communication, and Campaigns and Elections. Additionally, I would be happy to teach undergraduate methods courses in applied statistics, experimental methods, and mixed methods research. I am comfortable teaching students to use statistical packages including R, SPSS, and Stata.

I have served twice as the instructor of record and once as a teaching assistant for Introduction to Political Science Research Methods. And I have served twice as a teaching assistant for Law & Politics.

Introduction to Political Science Research Methods

Research Methods covers basic research design and statistical concepts and requires work in SPSS.

Student Feedback

The professor always encouraged us to look outside the box and to not be afraid of the numbers.

She had different activities for all types of learners. She actively used students as real world examples for statistical problems and how to apply to a political realm.

What I really appreciated about Professor Rogers was her commitment to her students and her level of understanding. I can see she was always looking out for her students and their education. Always willing to work out a solution to their problems. I speak from this personally because she was very understanding to my outside activities and how that effected my work in class.

She is always open to meeting outside of class for extra help and office hours. Please take advantage if you need help, she’s super kind and always willing to help her students.

Def the best part time professor that I have had. Need more like her.

Law & Politics

Law & Politics provides a basic overview of the American judicial system, including a survey of Supreme Court case law. This course is a popular choice for social science credits among freshman non-majors.

Student Feedback

I had no prior interest in politics at all, and even though this is far from my actual major, Kathleen helped me look at all of this differently. Super enthusiastic, kind, and helpful. Made overwhelming content not overwhelming!

I appreciated the lengthy and thoughtful feedback on essays.

I enjoyed how organized Kathleen was throughout the entire semester. It made learning large loads of material easier.

Kathleen was a wonderful TA who explained things clearly, responded to student questions efficiently, and was always mature and professional. She really knew her stuff and was so accommodating whenever I needed something. She ran recitations very smoothly and was extremely knowledgeable.

I love Kathleen, she’s knowledgable and down to earth. Super cool with the class, super understanding, and knows how to explain the concepts the way we need to know them.